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Butting is a well-known standard in the branche of SKS. The German manufacturer produces welded dairy tubes with very consistent, but also the highest quality. The welded dairy tube meets the most important aspects of the tube:

  • Resistance of corrosion
  • Cleanability
  • Weldability
  • Corresponding to the latest norms

The high standard of the Butting tubes is the highest level of dairy tube standards. This level is far above the requested European norms and guidelines.

Within the SKS package you will find the Q-Plus tubes especially in the series of EN 10357-A and EN 10357-D. Next to that, we have the option to deliver tubes in the old ranges or within different size ranges.

If you want to be sure and choose for the exceptional quality of the Butting tube, please mention this in your specifications. With a complete description including norm, quality and especially fabricate, you will exclude all inferior and undesirable qualities.

SKS is within the Benelux the official distributor en stockholder for the hyginical Butting tubes. Especially and according to the specifications of SKS, Butting produces exclusively for SKS the Q-Plus tube. The Q-Plus tube was the first tube available with an EHEDG-approval. We can guarantee the tube with a consistent high quality, with an internal roughness of < 0,8µm.

To add even more value to this tube, SKS will give 5 years of guarantee on this tube, in most cases even the necessary costs of reconstructing will be covered and are part of the guarantee. The Q-Plus tube is also the base material of the fittings you will be able to find under the brand Q-Plus.

SKS is more than happy to help you with selecting your requested components. On the website you will be able to find a complete overview of our products or please contact one of our equipment engineers.