Added Value

S.K.S. is much more than a stockholder of stainless steel materials. S.K.S. is your partner for stainless steel piping and process components, but what makes S.K.S special? We make short summary on that below:


We are more than happy to help you with selecting the right components for your application. The sales department of S.K.S. have been trained for that purpose. Our equipment engineers are able to help you with more specific and technical matters. Together we can determine the exact details of your order, inquiry or determine the correct configuration for your application. This advice can vary from live presentations, reference visits or personal (phone) conversations.


S.K.S. will take care of the complete communication for you, our customer, towards all suppliers. S.K.S. will represent the customer in his ideas and concerns. In case of specific wishes or solutions S.K.S. acts as intermediary between customer and supplier.


S.K.S. acts as a stockholder and offers availability. The current stock levels are based on our knowledge of the current market. The most common items and spares are available from stock. If this is not in sync with your needs, we are happy to discuss a customized solution.


S.K.S. has got a very wide range of delivery options. Combining this wide range with all possible logistic options makes it possible for S.K.S. to give solutions for all needs and requirements. S.K.S. is able to provide an efficient delivery for every solution. We thereby offer a potential cost saving. We are happy to start a customized collaboration.


The most important value that S.K.S. offers is its knowledge of components, applications, maintenance and logistic process. Do you require information to make the right choice? S.K.S. can provide you with this knowledge. in the form of various training courses. Possibly tailor-made especially for you. This can include training in the field of material knowledge, regulations, standardization, entry control, component selection and maintenance.

Service & Maintenance

S.K.S. has the obvious warranty on the materials supplied. In addition, we offer a broad range in terms of service and maintenance. Although we ourselves do not provide a physical completion of service and maintenance, together with our Service Partners we offer customized solutions for you.

In addition, we also can work with your maintenance service and serve as a technical source of information or as a logistics organizer.


Call us

S.K.S. WAALWIJK +31(0) 88 1202300
S.K.S. DRACHTEN +31(0) 88 1202390
S.K.S. ANTWERPEN +32(0) 323 26332
S.K.S. DORTMUND +49(0) 231 47793900

About S.K.S.

S.K.S. is a stockholding wholesaler, specializing in stainless steel piping and process components for the light process industry. For stainless steel installation materials, valves, process equipment, pumps and tank equipment. About S.K.S.

Why S.K.S.

  • huge stocklevel
  • wide assortment
  • a lot of productknowledge
  • Education and training
  • Individual training sessions

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We are currently working very hard to build a new and improved e-commerce platform for you. Until then, you can of course use the current webshop 24/7. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.