Case study Bertoli Homogenizer

The Problem

A producer of dairy products in the Eastern part of Europe needs to have advice for homogenizers in a new production line.


During the design & engineering of a new milk processing line, a total of 3 homogenizers were calculated. These homogenizers will be used in the production and will be operational 8 hours a day. The basics of the process where very clear; homogenizing at 2000 liters per hour using a pressure of 200bar. The additional requirements of the customer:

1. Maintenance friendly
2. Reliable
3. Low noise level

Solution of Bertoli homogenizer

Our engineers and the technicians of the end-user mapped out the whole process details. A Bertoli homogenizer is more efficient at an operational pressure of 150 bar, by using the patented “Margherita” valve instead of a “traditional” 200bar valve. By being able to reduce the working pressure by 25%, energy consumption is also reduced proportionally.

Result & Calculation

With the correct calculation in combination with the patented “Margherita Valve”, our engineers were able to propose a more efficient solution. As a result, the installed motor power has been reduced from 15kW to 11kW per homogenizer.
Although a saving of approximately 4kW does not immediately appeal to the imagination at first sight, for a homogenizer that runs for 8 hours 260 days a year, this results in a saving of approximately € 3.250,- per year.
Assuming 3 homogenizers that run for 10 years, 260 days a year, 8 hours a day, the savings rises up to € 97,500.

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