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Geberit Mapress / Mepla

Next to the complete package of hygienical components, SKS has also got a full range of utility components. In cooperation with Geberit SKS. is able to deliver the systems of Mapress, Mepla and Pushfit. Mapress is since 1960 the most well-known manufacturer of press connections.

Important aspects of the installation are:

  • Errors during installation are minimal.
  • Fast installation. A guarantee of less costs compared to different installations.
  • Clean installation method. Ideal for working in hygienical departments.
  • Safe installation. No risk for fire or explosions, because of this, installation is possible everywhere.
  • Geberit


The Mapress system is available in stainless steel (increased Molybdeen 2,2%), Carbonsteel, copper and CuNiFe (copper/nickel/ferrite).

Mapress components are well known like:

  • High Quality
    This quality can be underlined by the option of certificates of Geberit. With this certificates Geberit can guarantee the diversity in applications.
  • Extreme stability in dimensions
    Geberit can give due the stability in dimensions full guarantee on a system which has been completely developed with Mapress components and fabricated with official Mapress tools in the intended way.
  • Practical indicators for installation
    For example the preformed O-ring as an indication for leakage and installation sealing. In this way it is very easy to see directly which connections still need to be pressed and which are done.

SKS is official distributor of Geberit. The unique position of SKS within the Geberit distribution channel is the option to deliver also the complete silicone free system.

SKS is more than happy to help you with your questions of choosing the right connections. On the website you can find a complete overview or use the contact option for one of our equipment engineers.

The package exists of a big diversity of type of connections, tubes and fittings.

With this complete package a system can be built in the sizes 12, 15, 18, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 76.1, 88.9 and 108mm. Off course for all these sizes there is Mapress equipment available.