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SKS is the stock specialist for stainless steel fittings which can be applied in the hygienic process industry. Not only end users, but also installers and engineers have found their way to the available stock of SKS The wide range of all standards, designs and qualities create the perfect opportunity for one-stop shopping. In addition, all materials are categorized by application, execution and finish. We distinguish the following qualities:
Food quality: EN10357-A, EN10357-D, ISO2037> Tube, welding fittings, couplings, flanges and tubes.
Pharma Quality: ASME BPE and DIN11865> Pipe, welding fittings, couplings, flanges and tubes.
Industrial (utility): EN- ISO10217-7, EN10216-5, EN10312 and ASTM / ANSI> Pipe, welding fittings, couplings, flanges, Threaded fittings, compression fittings and press fittings
For construction and attachment also provides SKS tube support, nuts and bolts, rod/strip, extrusions and sheet material. Moreover, SKS is an exclusive distributor of the PipeTite wall and wall penetrations.

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